English-version Webpages Up Another Notch in Quality

Each year‭, ‬around the MCU Anniversary period‭, ‬the Chinese-version and English-version webpages of every single academic and administrative unit are evaluated based on the quality of their content‭, ‬as well as functional and aesthetic design‭. ‬The units with‭ ‬the top scoring online presence in both languages are honored by MCU President Lee during one of the late spring meetings of Administrative Council‭. ‬This year is no exception‭.‬

However‭, ‬this year and last‭, ‬the Information and Network Division worked in coordination long-time English secretary/special assistant‭, ‬Ms‭. ‬LeAnn Eyerman‭, ‬to devise a two-phase process intended to boost the quality of the English-version webpages to a new‭ ‬level‭. ‬In this second year of using the two-phase process‭, ‬Ms‭. ‬Eyerman determined to work individually with each unit as they completed their first-phase revisions‭, ‬so that all units could make the most improvement possible to elevate the overall quality of MCU‮!&‬s online presence through the medium of English‭. ‬

Nearly every unit rose to the challenge and greatly advanced the focus and quality of their English-version web pages‭. ‬To recognize the efforts of especially industrious units‭, ‬in addition to the conventional honors‭, ‬a separate award is being presented this year to those units with superb or outstanding English-version webpages‭.‬