【966Enews】MCU-MI Students Offer a Taste of Taiwan at International Food Festival

by Weng, Li-Shan

MCU-MI Students participated in the annual International Food Festival at Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) on Nov. 8, and offered a taste of Taiwan for SVSU students. Each year, the organizer of SVSU International Food Festival gathers international students to prepare different kinds of foreign cuisine and Taiwanese cuisine is always a highlight at the festival. All the MCU-MI Students fully cooperated and expressed their passion for this year’s festival as they served Taiwanese fried rice noodles, tea eggs, and pearl milk tea, which were popular choices of all SVSU students at the festival.

An annual feast with a festive atmosphere, the activity aims to provide chances for international students to share their cultural features with local students, building friendships and promoting mutual understanding. In addition to the MCUMI students from Taiwan, students from more than 10 different countries participated in the festival this year, including those from India, Brazil, China, Cuba, France, Japan, and Korea. About 200 students joined the festivities and all the food vendors representing different countries exhibited their cultural beauty and spirit through their table decorations and the cuisine they served.