5 Barrier-Free Panoramic Elevators Completed on Taipei Campus

MCU Taipei Campus is located on Shihlin‮!&‬s Mount Fu‭; ‬since 1964‭, ‬through gradual completion of administrative and teaching buildings‭, ‬the 392-step staircase is deeply embedded in the MC family‮!&‬s collective memory‭. ‬To create a more user-friendly campus‭, ‬5‭ ‬free-barrier panoramic elevators‭, ‬respectively located in 3‭ ‬teaching buildings were recently completed and commenced operation on March 8‭, ‬2018‭. ‬These ease the way for faculty members and students who have stair-climbing disabilities‭. ‬Faculty members and students can easily reach the top of H building from B building using these elevators while they enjoy beautiful panoramic views‭ ‬of the Shihlin area‭.‬