Align with High Schools in Thailand

Following the New Southbound Policy‭, ‬MCU actively seeks education cooperation opportunities in Thailand‭. ‬Hard work by Dean Lee‭, ‬Lan-Yu‭, ‬of International College‭, ‬has led to MCU completing signing MOUs for cooperation with Dat Daruni School‭, ‬Sanamchaikhet School‭, ‬Matthayomsiriwanwaree 3‭ ‬Chachoengsao School‭, ‬and Watsothornwararamworawiharn School in Thailand on Feb‭. ‬22‭, ‬2018‭. ‬The Office for Ming Chuan University in Thailand will be established at BDI Thai-Taiwan‭ (‬BDI‭) ‬Technological College‭, ‬with an opening ceremony schedule for March 2018‭.‬