IJOPCD Included in SCOPUS, Largest Abstract and Citation Database in the World

IJOPCD‭, ‬International Journal of Online Pedagogy and Course Design, is an international academic journal founded by Ming Chuan University. Due to the hard work by Invited Professor Shen‭, ‬Pei-Di from Graduate School of Education‭, ‬and Professor Tsai‭, ‬Chia-Wen from Information Management Department‭, ‬IJOPCD is not only included in EI‭: ‬INSPEC database since 2011‭, ‬but also included‭ ‬in SCOPUS‭, ‬the largest abstract and citation database in the world at the end of 2017‭. ‬IJOPCD was ranked as the IGI-GLOBAL best‭ ‬seller in educational science and technology journals for 2016‭ ‬and 2017‭.‬