As the years continue to roll by, MC Weekly has been established for 33 years. The growth of Ming Chuan University can be witnessed through its lens as it establishes MCU campus style, provides an information platform for faculty members and students, and records the history of MCU development. With readers’ guidance, MC Weekly will step forward for the future 1000 editions, ever striving to meet faculty members’ and students’ expectations.

The Life Feature in MC Weekly Volume 1000 “Looking back over 1000 editions of MC Weekly, firmly making dreams come true” reflects the expectations of President Lee and all the editors of MC Weekly, as volunteer student reporters share their experiences at MC Weekly. The activity “Fans Photo Collection” will be held on Facebook Fan Pages of MC Weekly; participants will have the opportunity to win iPhone8 by uploading and making public their photos taken with MC Weekly. In Popular Short Film Contest, held for Celebrating MC Weekly Volume 1000, the winner will be awarded NTD 10,000 for a short film of 30 sec to 2 min in length.