On-line Application for Post-midterm Course Reduction begins Dec 4

In order to assist students in evaluating their learning status and adjusting their courses after the midterm exams‭, ‬the Academic Affairs Division will accept applications for Post-midterm Course Reduction from 9:00‭ ‬am on December 4‭ (‬Mon‭.) ‬to 16:00‭ ‬on December 8‭, ‬2017‭. ‬For detailed information‭, ‬exchange students should contact the International Education and Exchange Division or Mainland China Education and Exchange Division‭.‬

All students meeting one of the conditions above will be included on a list‭; ‬following counseling with class advisor‭, ‬students should apply on-line for course drop within the Student Information System‭. ‬Under Course Information Query‭, ‬select Post-midterm Drop‭, ‬then check the course(s‭) ‬to be dropped and the reason‭, ‬click Next and print out the Course-reduction result for reference‭.‬

Students MUST check their online records‭ (‬within Student Information System‭, ‬under Course Schedule‭, ‬select First Semester‭) ‬on December 11‭ ‬to be sure that the dropped course(s‭) ‬are actually removed from the list of current courses selected‭.‬