Campus Cleaning Competition on Dec. 1

The campus cleaning competition will be held on Taipei and Taoyuan campuses on next Friday‭ (‬Dec‭. ‬1‭). ‬General Affairs Division hopes that all at MCU will join in this activity‭. ‬Outstanding classes will receive monetary awards‭, ‬certificates‭, ‬and administrative awards‭. ‬Before the competition occurs‭, ‬General Affairs Division will hold a meeting for drawing lots and arranging the cleaning responsibility area for each class‭. ‬These meetings will be held on Nov‭. ‬22‭ (‬Wed‭.), ‬noon in Taipei Campus E402‭ ‬meeting room‭, ‬and Nov‭. ‬24‭ (‬Fri‭.), ‬noon in Taoyuan Campus P102‭ ‬classroom‭. ‬Representatives from each class‭, ‬please attend the meeting on time‭.‬