【963Enews】AE Recruits for 2017 LAFH

by Florrie Lin

The Applied English Department (AE) is going to expand “Learning Away From Home Program” in 2017. Two LAFH programs are going to be held at MCU’s sister schools, the University of Western Sydney in Australia and Tottori University in Japan during the winter break in 2017 for students to experience cultural and academic exchange.

All students who are matriculating toward a degree at MCU (including international students) are eligible to apply for these LAFH programs; however, all applicants are requested to participate in English Elite Club. Students who participate in English Elite Club and are accepted as participants in an LAFH program will be awarded scholarships. Applications are being accepted from now through November 4, 2016. Please refer to AE website for further information at URL: http://web.dae.mcu.edu.tw .

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