【銘傳一週982期Enews】Course Selection Agent System Ready for 1st Semester 2017-18

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by Meggy Weng

The preliminary selection of Add / Drop Courses Online Service for 1st Semester of 2017-18 AY will open at 12:30 pm on May 22 and will be available in different periods depending on students’ class year. The period of online course selection will extend until 16:00 of the following day.

After the initial selection stage, students can utilize the online service to add/drop courses starting from June 6 at 12:30 through June 8 at 16:00. Preliminary selection results will be posted on June 22. For students choosing not to take required classes, or requesting that credits be waived, approval is required from the relevant department chair. These students are asked to come in person to the Curriculum Section or Taoyuan Academic Affairs Section to cancel selected courses between May 22 through June 1.

Please navigate to Academic Affair Website, then click News and find the link for On- Line Course Selection Handbook for more information.