【939Enews】A Story-telling Theatre – Inspiring the Youth

“The goals of forming such a unique story-telling team are threefold.”, said the chair of the Dept. of Applied English (DAE), Dr. Lilie Tsay. “We hope to encourage our DAE students’ participation to help others, to enhance young learners’ interests in learning English, and to promote our department.” 7 students were selected to form this English story-telling team, Supervised by Dr. Tsay, the team started to work on the storyline, the props, and worksheets from scratch. In order to create a dynamic learning environment for elementary school students, theatre arts, English teaching and administration were taken into account while preparing for the first performance. The first two performances were successfully debuted at Da-Pu and Xin-Lu Elementary Schools on December 22nd, 2015 and more than two hundred students and teachers participated.

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