【940Enews】95 MCU International Students Joined Volunteer Service All Around Taiwan in 2015

“2015 Presentations by International Students Doing Volunteer Service in Taiwan” on Dec. 25 was hosted by International Education and Exchange Division of Ming Chuan University, and advised by Department of International and Cross-strait Education of Ministry of Education. Representatives from five universities, including MCU, shared their experiences during this event. Moreover, principals from 5 elementary schools enthusiastically participated in this event and expressed appreciation to the international students. Woody Liu, Director of Overseas Youth Vocational Training School, mentioned that in 2015, 95 MCU international students dedicated 2497 hours to 1320 people in several ways: culture sharing with high school students, supporting school events such as TICA CUP or Freshman Orientation, and joining other activities held by school clubs. Adriana Najera, whose major is Journalism & Mass Communication in International College, shared her experience of being a volunteer at summer English camp in Deguang Catholic High School. “It was a delightful journey, spending two months with students and I am already in love with Tainan City” she said. Director of International Education and Exchange Division, Dr. Max Liu, stated that the five goals for international students participating in volunteer service are bridging cultural differences, increasing local students’ interest in learning English, building Taiwan students’ international viewpoint, training students to think independently, and learning to cooperate with others.

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