【940Enews】96th Edition of MC Magazine Published

As MCU is top in International Student Recruitment in Taiwan, the 96th Edition of MC Magazine features the topic of “Chinese Learning at MCU”; MC Magazine staff conducted a survey and workshop earlier, now the survey results and workshop record are published in the 96th Edition of MC Magazine, which is now available on the campus news racks, or you can download the pdf file at http://www.magazine.mcu.edu.tw/. The news racks are situated at the 2nd floor of B Building and hallway of D Building on Taipei Campus; foyers in P Building, S Building, and administration offices, as well as the stairwell on the left side of M Building on Taoyuan Campus.

➔ 歡迎轉載《銘傳一週》新聞,引用請註明出處


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