【941Enews】Online Add and Drop Courses

The new semester has begun! Online course add and drop for 2nd semester in 2015-16 is open from 12:30 pm on February 22 and will be separated into different periods in accordance with the year levels of students. Students who would like to choose courses from other departments, online courses (Accounting and Economics) or retake courses, please grab this chance. Online course add and drop ends at 12:30 pm on March 2, and the results will be announced at 12:30 pm on March 4. Classes not being opened will be announced on March 14. Students are required to reconfirm their course selection results between March 14 to 23. Students who are unable to log in to Online Add and Drop Course System due to late payment may complete the registration process with their receipts at the Registrar Section in order to log into the System.

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