【947Enews】When West Meets East – A Cross-cultural Encounter

On March 27th, a group of 25 British students, along with their two professors from De Montfort University (DMU), arrived at MCU Taoyuan Campus. This overseas field trip is actually part of a course called “Personality and Intelligence” led by DMU’s Dr. Mei Cheng and Dr. John Song. The week’s cultural exchange was launched with four inspiring seminars presented by faculty from both DMU and MCU: “Culture and Personality” by Prof. Cheng, “Teaching in Taiwan” by Prof. Morgan Dooley, “Culture Diversity” by Prof. Chiung-Yi Tseng and “Culture, Race and Intelligence” by Prof. Song. The seminars provided opportunities for arousing and productive discussions between DMU and MCU students. Following the seminars, the special guests attended a welcome party held in their honor. They later visited various places of interest in Northern Taiwan for the remainder of their stay. Hosted by the Department of Applied English (DAE) and Department of Counseling and Industrial/ Organizational Psychology (CIOP), this cross-cultural event provided a good platform for welcoming future such exchanges. In addition, some possible collaborations were discussed that will be further considered for future reference. The event was a wonderful experience for all. Both CIOP and DAE students commented that they are already missing their new British friends. It was such a fun encounter and an unforgettable experience for them, and also an enjoyable cooperative endeavor between the DAE and CIOP. Much appreciation for Dr. Juno Ju, Dr. Jeffrey Hsu, Ruby Lyu and colleagues who all worked hard putting this event together.

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