【948Enews】MSCHE Evaluation Team Completes Visit at MCU

The April 10-13 visit of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) evaluation team concluded with an Exit Interview on Wednesday afternoon, April 13 in the Taipei campus Large Conference Room. Team Chair, Dr. John Cavanaugh, read the team’s draft report to MSCHE to the overflowing crowd of MCU faculty, staff and administrators gathered for the event. There are several steps in the evaluation process before MCU will be formally notified by MSCHE of the accreditation result. Once the Team Chair sends the final version of the team report, MCU sends a written response addressed to the Commission. The Team Chair submits a confidential brief to the Commission, summarizing the team report and conveying the team’s proposal for accreditation action. Following, MSCHE staff and Committee on Evaluation Reports carefully review the institutional self-study document, the evaluation team report, the institution’s formal response, and the Chair’s brief to formulate a proposed action to the Commission. Finally, the full Commission, after considering information gained in the preceding steps, takes formal accreditation action and notifies the institution. This final step in the process is scheduled to take place in June 2016.

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