【948Enews】MCU Literary and Arts Awards Ceremony

The 27th Ming Chuan Literary and Arts Awards Ceremony will be hosted by President Lee beginning at 13:00 on April 27 (Wednesday) in the Second Gymnasium on Taoyuan Campus. All judges have been invited to present awards to the winners and will participate in face-to-face seminars with students. There are four categories with ten sections, including English Prose, English Poetry, Campus Photography, Creative Free-style Photography and Short Film. A total of 1,430 works were submitted to this year and 21 international students are among the honorees, to be awarded the highest overall monetary amounts in the 27-year history of the event. An advance peek at top prize-winning works in Photography Section is features on the fourth and fifth pages of this week’s 948th MC Weekly. All faculty and staff members and students are welcome to participate in the predicting the top winner, and may win a prize for the correct choice, either a commemorative MC Weekly small book bag or Polaroid instant camera.

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