【949Enews】MCU Literary and Arts Awards Ceremony Hosted Successfully

The 27th MCU Literary and Arts Awards Ceremony was a magnificent event on Wednesday, April 27, in the second gymnasium on Taoyuan campus. President Lee opened the ceremony with encouraging words about the value of this event, congratulating not only the winners, but all participants. Based on the judges’ professional views and discussion, they decided on the winners of each section. During the ceremony, prizes were presented to all winners and some enthusiastic arts performances were enjoyed by everyone in attendance. International students were among the honorees, and were awarded prizes with the highest overall monetary amount in the 27-year history of the event. Of special note is that five TaiwanICDF recipients were recognized as finalists and were awarded prizes. Worthy of special mention is that one of them, Lourdes Flores, won both the first and second prizes for English Poetry. She chose her topic because it’s part of her daily life experience and she gives it a lot of time. JMC students Eugenia Maria Perez Guardado, Stephanie Marie Cardona Falck and Rolhensha T’ Keyah Yolaine Henry, as well as IBT student Julio Felix Alvarenga Villalta, were also among the award winners. Moreover, the winner of English prose was JMC student, Gho Li Ylng. Her creative writing concept reflects her background and struggle with Chinese culture. In the past, whatever was Chinese, she didn’t like at all. So the main theme of her English prose is how people started loving Mandarin Chinese.

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