A free Mandarin summer camp will be available on Ming Chuan University Michigan Location this summer. The camp is hosted by the joint efforts of MCUMI, Departments of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL) and Applied English (AE). Its main goal is to provide the opportunity for kids and adults to learn Mandarin and discover the beauty of Chinese language and culture. The camp includes diversity and culture sharing, such as the introduction of Chinese opera, tea culture, and Taiwan night markets. The application form may be downloaded from the official MCUMI website http://mcumi.mcu.edu.tw. Please register before June 24 (Friday). Participants will be invited to attend the Orientation/Mandarin Proficiency Test Sessions – one is open for 3 hours, starting at 13:30, June 30 (Thursday); the other for 2 hours, starting at 10:00, July 1 (Friday). Both sessions will take place in the office of MCUMI. During the opening hours, potential campers may drop by the office for a brief Orientation and Mandarin test. The camp will run for four weeks during the weekdays, 14:30 – 16:30, from 7/5 -29. All those interested are welcome to register soon as the availability is limited. For further questions, please check the official website of MCUMI or directly send an e-mail to the responsible staff member (gaoyejing@hotmail.com).