【952Enews】SVSU Fellows Visited MCU

Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU), a MCU sister school in the U.S., sent 15 Roberts Fellowship Program participants (RF) to visit MCU on May 15 for international education and culture exchange. The visit began with a Welcome Program, hosted by Dr. Lynne Lee, Deputy Executive Director of International Education and Exchange Division, in EE110 on Taoyuan campus. MCU faculty members and students who are going to participate in this summer’s Learning away from Home Program at Ming Chuan University – Michigan Location on SVSU campus accompanied the RF guests to promote cultural interaction. SVSU RFs study Asian Culture and Leadership for one year at SVSU, then participate in an overseas field trip with visits in China, Japan and Taiwan each year. This year, they were in Taiwan from May 16th to 21st.

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