【953Enews】MCU English Webpages Reviewed for 2016

At least once every year, all Chinese and English webpages of each academic and administrative unit are reviewed for content, quality and design. This year was no exception, and the results of scoring on both counts is calculated as a final score for each unit, so that units with top-scoring web pages can be recognized for their efforts. On the side of English webpages, minimum requirements have been modified over the years to reflect the increasing internationalization of Ming Chuan. At this time, all academic units are to include: About Us (comprising Brief History, MGOs, Developments/Accomplishments, Features, Future Prospects), Faculty & Staff (featuring English version e-portfolios, research achievements, email), Curriculum (comprising Basic, Core, and Fundamental Professional Competencies, current Curriculum Framework, and Learning Maps), Outcomes (both Student Learning Outcomes and Faculty Research/Teaching Outcomes), and Contact Us sections. Those units providing instruction in English are also to include Notices, Student Recruitment, Related Regulations, Alumni sections. For administrative units, the web pages are to include: About Us (comprising Brief History, MGOs, Features (Facilities, Equipment, Resources), Organization & Responsibilities, Related Regulations, Work Processes, Downloadable Forms, Notices, and Contact Us. Some units are to be commended for certain aspects of their pages. In the aspect of Outcomes, the School of Health Technology and the departments of Healthcare Information Management, Electrical Engineering, Information and Telecommunication Engineering, and Business Administration have fine examples.

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