【923Enews】MCU Overseas Scholarship Programs, MCUMI Summer Camp Tour Launched

Ministry of Education encourages universities to send their outstanding students to study overseas or join internship programs in international settings in order to enhance their experiences of participating in international exchange collaboration events. MCU has numerous overseas Scholarship Programs in place. In 2015, 17 students received a total of 1,400,000 NTD from one of the MCU overseas scholarship programs; moreover, 6 MCU faculty received a total of 1,020,000 NTD from one of the MCU overseas subsidiaries for moderating overseas internship programs. Moreover, 27 MCU students will participate in Overseas Mandarin Camp, which will take place at MCUMI on SVSU campus from June 28 to August 1. In addition, an assistant professor and a teaching assistant from Applied English Department will take 16 of their students to Northumbria University in UK for an academic exchange program. Lastly, 24 MCU students will attend academic workshops at selected Mainland China universities during the summer.

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