【922Enews】First group of graduating students from China

by Sandra Chen In 2011-12 AY, the government passed legislation for recruiting students from China and MCU officially started recruitment. The first group of 68 students from China is completing their studies and graduating from MCU this year. Chi-Tung Liu, a graduating student of Finance Department from HangZhou, has already found a job in a bank in China. In an interview with “CTV 60 Minutes,” he mentioned that he started to plan his career and life at an early age, and made use of his winter and summer vacations to take internships in banks in China. He participated in the student exchange program to Huazhong University of Science and Technology when he was in his 3rd year. These experiences were very helpful when looking for a job. Liang Chou of Journalism Department attained best academic performance in her department for 7 consecutive semesters. Aside from being honored with an Excellent Undergraduate Student Award, she will also receive a perfect attendance award during the ceremony. Moreover, she is good at composition and won an outstanding award for Chinese prose in Ming Chuan Arts and Literary Awards Competition.

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