【922Enews】Top among Private Universities for MOST Grants

by Florrie Lin Ming Chuan University students have once again achieved high rankings in research. According to the announcement by Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) on May 29, MCU ranked Top 3 nationwide of MOST Students Project Subsidies with 144 cases, right behind NTU (164 cases) and NCKU (151 cases). Once again, MCU came in Top for MOST Grants among Private Universities. Over the past five years, MCU has attained notable achievement in research subsidies. The 20 grants earned in 2009 has increased to 144 in 2015. According to data collated by the Academic Affairs Division, a total of 412 applications were filed in 2015 with passing rate of 34.95%, meaning that 31 more grants were awarded over the 113 in last year, an increase of 28%, accounting for 4.32% of the total awarded nationwide. Based on the number of grants awarded, the School of Management is top with 41; followed by the School of Design with 27, then the School of Information Technology with 22. Looking at ranking based on the department and category, five departments came in Top 1 nationwide: Business Administration Dept in Management category, Product Design Dept in Design category, Hospitality Management Dept in Hospitality category and Tourism Dept in Tourism category. Vice President for Academic Affairs, Jin-Long Wang, indicates the stimulus provided by MOST has offered a platform for our faculty members and students. MCU students’ achievement in research demonstrates that MCU not only has teaching excellence, but also outstanding research competence.

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