【922Enews】AACSB Standards Alignment Plan Accepted

by Yi Ting Tso MCU School of Management (SOM) is currently engaged in seeking accreditation under the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). On May 26, MCU received notification from the accreditation committee informing the SOM that our AACSB accreditation proposal was unconditionally accepted. This is an important milestone towards achieving accreditation and a major breakthrough for the SOM. Dr. Hwang, Shiuh-Nan, SOM Dean, states that the process of applying for AACSB accreditation consists of two major phases, the initial and official accreditation phases. In general, the initial accreditation takes five years to complete, then the official accreditation takes about one or two years to complete. An Eligibility Application (EA) and Standards Alignment Plan (SAP) must be filed during the course of initial accreditation. Once these two documents are approved by the Initial Accreditation Committee, the SAP will be implemented and annual Progress Reports will be drafted. Both the SAP and Progress Reports must be well-prepared and approved by the Initial Accreditation Committee (IAC) in order to be admitted to the official accreditation process. Following, a Self-Evaluation Report is required for further evaluation. Lastly, the Official Accreditation Committee will send a team to conduct an on-site evaluation. Once the on-site evaluation is completed and the report is approved, MCU’s SOM would then be granted official ACCSB accreditation status. The AACSB Accreditation Office in the SOM successfully submitted its EA in April 2014 and received initial confirmation from the IAC in June of that year. Upon obtaining this approval, the IAC assigned Dr. Rose, Dean of College of Business Administration at California State University San Bernardino to serve as a consulting advisor, who visited MCU from August 25 to 26, 2014. Under the guidance of Dr. Rose, SOM submitted its SAP in March 2015 and received the IAC’s notification that our SAP was unconditionally accepted on May 26. Achieving AACSB accreditation status is an important strategic aim of SOM. Currently, 12 domestic universities have attained AACSB accreditation status, and 19 domestic universities are still striving for accreditation qualification. Therefore, it is speculated that achieving AACSB accreditation will be even more difficult in the future. However, AACSB Accreditation Office has completed the EA and SAP processes each within just one year, demonstrating MCU’s incredible determination and outstanding competence. Thus, it is expected that MCU will speed through the process of achieving AACSB accreditation, pioneering another golden decade for Ming Chuan.

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