【922Enews】Welcome to join MC Weekly-As a journalist

As a journalist by Benson Lin As a journalist for the school’s English news page for about a year, I’ve learned something that ordinary writing class couldn’t teach me. For instance, word choice is crucially important for a journalist since some of the most important creeds for writing news articles is to be accurate, politically correct, and, most important of all, objective. As a matter of fact, writing news articles is like writing a senior thesis in many ways, such as what voice should be used, and so I do believe that being an English newspaper journalist really enhanced my academic writing ability. Another challenge for news writing is timing. To bring our readers the latest news, seldom do we have time to have a cup of latte and carefully polish our article. Therefore, it is also a great opportunity to train one’s writing speed. There are countless benefits of being a English news journalist; I really appreciated this chance that the Ming Chuan Weekly gave me. If you are one of those who are interested in English writing, why not come and join us?

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