【922Enews】Welcome to join MC Weekly-Thank you MC Weekly

Thank you MC Weekly by Abby Lu I still remember the first time I wrote a news item for Ming Chuan Weekly and the first time it was published. It was 2 years ago, it was quite interesting to read news that was written by myself; actually, it was unforgettable! That was an item about International College winning the Freshmen Choral Contest. Now I’m already a senior student, and I actually miss the days that I was writing stories for the school paper. Sometimes I was really busy, but I still needed to finish the news before the deadline. For me, it was like a practice, a practice for becoming a journalist. I learned how to be responsible for my work and hand it in on time no matter what happened. Therefore, I am really grateful to have such a chance to experience the profession before graduating from the university. If I get a job related to journalism, I will really appreciate the help of MCWeekly.

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