by Florrie Lin Ming Chuan University Procedures for 10 Pillars Competency Evaluation were passed at the Administrative Council Meeting on April 27, 2015. Graduates of Undergraduate Division are required to undergo the 10 Pillars basic capacities evaluation beginning in 2014-15 in accordance with these procedures. Graduating students who have passed the 10 Pillars evaluation process can apply for a 10 Pillars certificate from Academic Affairs Division; moreover, they will be recognized for the achievement by the University. President Lee specially indicated at the Administrative Council Meeting that the 10 Pillars combine traditional education characteristics of Morals, Knowledge, Health, Teamwork, and Aesthetics to cultivate outstanding talents with excellent morals and knowledge. In the age of the knowledge economy and global competitiveness, a qualified knowledge-worker must also be equipped with Planning, Communication, Technology, Internationalization and Employability. The 10 Pillars not only equip students with academic and professional skills, but also enhance their employment advantage in the future. Secretary General, Chung-Yuan Fan, noted that graduates’ rights will not be affected by the announcement of Ming Chuan University Procedures for 10 Pillars Competency Evaluation just before the graduation. The Health (Sports), Internationalization (English [foreign] language), Technology and Communication (Chinese language) Pillars have already been implemented at the university for many years and are established graduation standards; graduates all know that they must earn the certificates for these competencies. For the other six Pillars, students who have achieved these goals during their study years can earn an additional certificate. Vice President for Academic Affairs, Jin-Long Wang indicated that the intention of Certification in the 10 Pillars Competency is benevolent; students can make their own decisions to take the certification examinations or not. Students who don’t pass the evaluation of the other six Pillars can still graduate. He specially encourages students to apply for the 10 Pillars evaluation because graduates will benefit from the Certification of 10 Pillars Competency. Students may check online for the results of 10 Pillars evaluation. For any further questions about the evaluation standards, please contact the responsible units for each of the 10 Pillars. The roster of 2014-15 graduates who have passed the 10 Pillars competency evaluation will be announced before commencement.