【919Enews】Newly Elected IC Student Association Presidents

by Chih-Yu Shih As the end of the semester draws near, it’s time to elect the new presidents for each department student association. This includes new presidents for International College Student Association (ICSA, Taoyuan) and International Cultural Exchange Students (ICES, Taipei). On Taipei campus, the former student government president set up an election committee in order to make the process fairer and more convenient. This is also the first time to elect the new student government president, student representatives and the president of departments association together. During this election, the 6th ICES president was also chosen from among three candidates. The results, released on Friday 5/16, show the new president is Howard Peng, who is from JMC2. First, he will seek sponsors and build long- term good relationships with them. Second, make public the utilization of the IC student fee. Third, build a communication system that helps students express their ideas, complaints and suggestions. Finally, he will hold some literature and art activities for IC students to increase their sense of fun studying in IC. On May 8, Taoyuan campus IC students elected a new president for ICSA, Wayne Chen from Applied Computing took 56% of the votes. Chen has many ideas, among them are to create a bigger “IC Family”; he would like to increase interaction with IC Taipei. Second, he wants to make sure that international students participate in more unique activities that make their experience in Taiwan more memorable. And thirdly, he would like to bring in new fresh ideas as well as improving our overall efficiency. It is his aim for ICSA to provide an even better atmosphere, especially when it comes to supporting our underclassmen throughout their experiences here at MCU. Last but not least, a team would be formed with the promise to thoroughly manage all ICSA related expenses, fees, and payments to better serve our members with improved efficiency.

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