【919Enews】Graduation Exams from May 25 to 27 Self-check Evaluation online

by Lily Cheng Graduation Examinations will be held from May 25 to 27; students who require graduation exam leave must apply for examination leave and makeup exams online on the examination day and submit an official statement of diagnosis from a recognized hospital for sick leave before May 28. Late submissions will not be accepted. Graduation Makeup Examinations will be held on June 3 to 5. In accordance with the Examination Regulations, those who are more than 15 minutes late for examinations are not allowed to take them. Examinees are not permitted to leave the room within 20 minutes from the start of the exam. If students cheat on quizzes or tests, they will be punished in accordance with the relevant regulations, even if you are graduating soon. For students with less than a month left before graduation, be sure you have completed all the graduation qualification requirements. Please check the Academic Affairs Division website and fully utilize the newly implemented Graduation Self-Check system in order to understand each graduation standard. The Graduation Self-Check system contains numerous useful contents. By logging onto the system, students can check their own applicable curriculum frameworks and requirements, etc. The system also has the function to check course credit tally and can display the course titles that still need to be completed before graduation. Moreover, the system has the capability to display a check list of the students’ current status of proficiency-based graduation requirements so that you can look up: service learning, technology proficiency, sports proficiency, and so forth, as well as and information related to minor or double major completion, among others. Academic Affairs Division has prepared this system for use by all Ming Chuan students. First- through third-year students should fully utilize this system in order to prepare for the graduation process well in advance. To use the Graduation Self-Check system, first log on to Student Information System, then select the Registration Graduation option.

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