【919Enews】Student Album registered for Golden Melody Awards

by Sandra Chen 51 students who took the “Communication Practices” course in Radio and TV Department cooperated with a recording company and completed an album named “Our Little Stories.” With the encouragement of their professor, Dr. Shan Wen-Ting, these students registered for 3 awards in the Golden Melody Awards, including Best Album, Best Group and Best Album Producer, hoping to achieve another great record for Ming Chuan University education. Dr. Shan Wen-Ting states, “The original teaching content of “Communication Practices” focuses on producing radio programs. However, after discussion with students, she found that they were more interested in pop music. Thus, she changed the teaching focus and taught students knowledge about composing songs and lyrics, shooting music videos, designing covers, packaging and marketing. Moreover, she also invited an experienced music producer Tu Hui-Yuan as co-lecturer to share industry practices with students. Students transformed their college life, stories of their love and friendship into songs and lyrics and created the album “Our Little Stories.” The album was released on December 30, 2014 and has received much positive feedback. So far, 80% of the albums produced have been sold. 2015 Golden Melody Awards is scheduled to announce its nominee roster by the end of May. Taiwan’s higher education would enter a new page if this album, with all the songs and lyrics composed and performed by university students could be nominated for Awards.

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