【960Enews】Apply for “Help Dream” Project Scholarship Before October 7

by Florrie Lin

Ms. Xiao-Lan Hao, an alumnae of Business Administration Department, established this scholarship to express her appreciation to MCU and encourage students to study hard, and to help make the student’s or the community’s dream come true. Applications are being accepted from now until October 7, 2016.

The scholarship is awarded to 3 to 5 dream projects per academic year, with a maximum for each project of 100,000 NTD. Students at Ming Chuan (including those in masters’ and doctoral programs) may apply for this scholarship individually or in groups. There is no limit on the content or form of the proposal; applicants are allowed to use their creativity through the application of multimedia or art works. Applicants must submit basic information, autobiography, academic transcript for the previous academic year, dream proposal and recommendation letter to the Alumni Relations Section of General Secretary’s Division before October 7, 2016. For further information, please check Alumni Relations Section website at http://alumnus.mcu.edu.tw/zh-hant/node/132.