【915Enews】Approaching Mid-term Exams Say NO to Cheating!!!

by Lily Cheng Midterm examination week runs from April 13 (Monday) through 17 (Friday). During the week, students must obey regulations because violating them will result in receiving serious penalty from the university. Students must go online in the Student Information System to check the dates, class rooms, seat numbers, courses, times and other relevant exam information. Please copy the information carefully so you do not miss any examination. At the beginning of the exam period, when receiving the exam paper, please check if it is the right one by looking at the class, course and teacher’s name. Students are not to enter the examination room 15 minutes after the bell rings. Once you are in the examination room, you must not leave the room until at least 20 minutes after the initial bell rings. All students must bring their student ID or any photo ID in order to sit the exams. Cheating during exams is strictly prohibited. No papers should be in the student’s pocket or on top of and below the desk; also if there are words written on the desk, please erase them or report the situation to the proctor. During English/Japanese Listening Exams, students should not take notes on their desktops. Students violating this rule will be penalized according to the University Regulations. Telecommunication equipment may not be used during the entire exam session; students must turn off their cell phones. Electronic equipment with memory function, including smart phones, are not allowed in the exam room. If a student violates this rule, he or she will be penalized with Demerit, Observation, or 2nd Level Expulsion. Please be on time or arrive at the examination rooms in advance so that you can be more prepared. To all students: Good luck on your mid-term exams! Wish you all get good grades on your exams.

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