【915Enews】Fulfill Your Dream of Studying Aboard; Apply to MCUMI

by Yi Ting Tso Ming Chuan University Michigan Location (MCUMI) and Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) are collaborating to offer dual degree programs. Two master’s diplomas can be obtained concurrently with only one tuition payment (one USA diploma and one Taiwan diploma). Depending on the program, a total of 33 or 36 credits is required, and each credit costs only 530 USD. Furthermore, a master’s thesis is not required for graduation from either of these two-year dual degree programs. After completing the program, graduates will have an internship opportunity in the United States for a one-year period. More information is available at http://mcumi.mcu.edu.tw MCU International Education and Exchange Division states that MCU is offering a specially designed summer program for MCU and non-MCU students. The 9-credit program includes English enhancement course, TOFEL preparation course and cross-cultural exchange course for 54,000 NTD, not including dorm fee. Successfully completing this program will qualify non-MCU students for MCU student status and enjoy the tuition advantage at MCUMI of 550 USD per credit. If you do the math, one year’s tuition comes out under 300,000 NTD. MCU student status means that you can save nearly 500,000 NTD on tuition when admitted to MCUMI dual degree programs. Moreover, Taiwanese students can apply for a master’s student loan of up to 800,000 NTD from Ministry of Education. In addition, students, who lack confidence in their English ability ought to apply for the summer program to improve their English skills through outstanding English enhancement courses with the aim of meeting all the English admission requirements for the dual degree programs offered by MCUMI. Conditional offer of admission can be granted if certain requirements are fulfilled. This year, MCUMI is already offering a master’s program in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, wherein, upon successful completion of 33 required credits, both a US and a Taiwan master’s diploma in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language will be awarded. For the new academic year, a master’s program in New Media and Communication Administration is being added; upon successful completion of 36 required credits, both a US and a Taiwan master’s diploma in New Media and Communication Administration will be conferred. The application process for June-August summer program has launched. If you are interested, please register as soon as possible because the spots are limited. Act fast and apply now!

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