【915Enews】Student exchange programs with first-tier schools in Mainland China

by Sandra Chen Student exchange programs to 23 first-tier schools in Mainland China for autumn session are open for application. Interested students please apply online at http://mcsr.mcu.edu.tw/zh-hans/node/2619, scan your cumulative academic transcript and relevant documents and submit the digital documents to annechen@mail.mcu.edu.tw via email before April 15. If you have any questions, please contact the responsible person Ms. Chen, Hsin-Ting (Anne) at (02)28824564 ext.2406. Based on the information provided by Mainland China Education and Exchange Division, these 23 schools, including Shanghai University, which offers exchange programs to MCU students, are the first-tier schools in Mainland China. Open another window and gain different learning experiences. All students, including international students, are welcome to register for the program.

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