by Benson Lin After the midterm exams, OISS is going to take international students of Ming Chuan University on field trips. On April 25th and May 2nd, OISS plans to lead international students of Taipei and Taoyuan campus, respectively, to Toucheng Farm located in Yilan County. For those who have already signed up for this trip, please remember to show up on time. Be ready to have a good time in Yilan with OISS and be relieved from the pressure of examinations. Toucheng Farm is a well-designed recreation farmland located in Yilan County. Visitors can spend a day at the farm to experience Taiwan’s agricultural living style, learn the tricks of the trade from Taiwanese farmers, and enjoy country-style cousins. Also, within the farm, there are varieties of cool insects and plants waiting to be explored. For those who enjoy natural lifestyle, and want to chill out a bit after the heavy workload of midterm exams, this is something you definitely don’t want to miss! We’ll see you in Yilan.