【915Enews】Platform for Creating Friendships

by Chih-Yu Shih 58th MCU anniversary came to a beautiful ending on March 21 with the announcement of prizes in the famous Cheerleading Dance Competition. This year, School of Communication took first place with a very fantastic and lively performance. Second place went to School of Tourism who put on a very neat dance, transporting the audience into outer space; the most astonishing part was the flying astronaut. Department of Information Management took third place. This year, performing in the morning division, IC took the audience to travel around the world with their performance. Although IC didn’t win any prize, the memory will of this event is still etched inside every mind. Desiree (IBT3), who comes from Swaziland, has joined into this competition for two years, noted that she feels it’s good to do it twice. When someone enjoys something, they ask for an encore. Putting all the hard work to the training that they went through aside, she really had fun, saying, “What a better way to exercise, keep fit and lose weight than with a whole bunch of crazy and funny people!” She loves meeting new and different people and creating new friendships; the cheerleading competition was the perfect platform for that.

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