【911Enews】Anniversary Cheerleading Competition – are you ready?

by Chih-Yu Shih & Benson Lin During these weeks on campus, you can see people creating their props and dancing so hard, every day until very late at night. Remember to cheer for them when you pass by. Why? Because the end of the winter vacation also means the coming of the grand celebration of Ming Chuan University’s 58th anniversary. Everyone can enjoy the series of activities held during the celebration, and of course, the unforgettable cheerleading competition. This year, the much anticipated cheerleading competition will be held on Saturday, March 21 on Taipei campus. Ming Chuan’s cheerleading competition has been famous for decades. Students from all departments form their own teams to foster team spirit as teams try their best to compete for the prize and honor. Before the competition day, every department makes all- out effort, not only the dancers but also those working on the props and the staff or faculty advisors, work with heart and soul. Students from the past believe that this is a wonderful event since they’ve learned not only how to dance and perform but also how to work as a team and communicate with their peers. This is something you can’t learn from ordinary classes, but a very important and useful skill to have in one’s future career. Moreover, it carves out wonderful and unforgettable experiences in university life. As for International College, this year only Taipei campus students will join this competition. The Taipei IC Creative Cheerleading leader Charlotte mentioned that, this year, the team has recruited many international students, and each one of the them are doing their best, every one of the students wants to give their best for IC. If you want to get involved, please contact Cindy in IBT2B or Shani in JMC3. No matter which department you are from, please give all the other hard working departments your fullest support. Each of the participating students are making Ming Chuan University a more colorful and fabulous place at which to study and have fun. We look forward to the Ming Chuan University’s 58th anniversary celebration. Be prepared because it will certainly blow your mind!

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