【911Enews】MOE “Promoting Teaching Excellence” project subsidy awarded

by Florrie Lin The roster of MOE “Promoting Teaching Excellence” project awards to 33 universities for 2015 to 2016 was announced on Feb. 9, 2015. MCU was awarded a subsidy of 50 million NTD for 2015 in this project. Since 2008, MCU has been consecutively honored in this program with awards totaling 511.5 million NTD. MCU’s outstanding achievement in teaching excellence has been repeatedly affirmed by the evaluation committee members. President Lee said that MCU has been advancing the Program for Promoting Teaching Excellence of Universities based on MCU’s educational philosophy of “Attending to all students with parental care, support, and guidance”. MCU has been gradually established with respect to its foundation, systems and policies. We keep advancing toward our goals of Excellence, Professionalism and Internationalization by reviewing implementation efficiency and feedback improvement. We expect our students to be willing to learn, love to learn and learn well with the excellent educational environment we have established for them, so that they are contributors to the country and society in the future. The vision of Ming Chuan University’s 2013-14 to 2014-15 Program for Promoting Teaching Excellence of Universities is “Holistic Education & Application-oriented Learning” which aims to develop students’ abilities and enhance students’ competiveness through integrating career skills into teaching and courses, curriculum tracks of academic courses and practical courses, and employer feedback. Graduates of Ming Chuan will easily be employed and become professional talents with professional attitudes and passion to serve, who can apply what they’ve learned.

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