【911Enews】34th OverseasYouthVocationalTraining Program Opening Ceremony

by Sandra Chen The opening ceremonies of 34th Overseas Youth Vocational Training Program were held at various locations last week to welcome 226 overseas Chinese students from abroad to begin their two years of study in Taiwan. During winter vacation, staff of International Education and Exchange Division held the 34th “MCU Overseas Youth Vocational Training Program Welcome Party and Orientation” in Malaysia. The delegation stopped at Johor Bahru, Muar, and Malacca. And, they were hosted by the Federation of Alumni Associations of Taiwan Universities in Kuala Lumpur, Bandar Ipoh, Sungai Petani and Penang. For the orientation, they played a welcome video by school Deans and department Chairs and gave a briefing covering pointers and daily life for studying at Ming Chuan. Current MCU students had returned to Malaysia for the winter holiday, and alumni, were invited to share their experiences at MCU. A sampling of program alumni project work was shared. These activities have successfully left good impressions about MCU and were highly affirmed by local students in Malaysia. MCU Overseas Youth Vocational Training Program includes Mass Communication Program in Taipei, Digital Media Design Program and Baking & Pastry Arts in Taoyuan and Baking & Pastry Arts in Kinmen. This year, new student enrollment comprises 53 students in Taipei, 120 students in Taoyuan and 53 students in Kinmen. With the coming of this new blood, the number of students in Baking & Pastry Arts program in Kinmen has officially exceeded 100 students at 113. Director, Liu, Jen-Ching of Overseas Youth Vocational Training Center states that the pomp and pageantry shows that MCU’s support and cooperation with the hometown educational policies for overseas Chinese announced by Overseas Community Affairs Council is accurate and on track. The hard work of MCU responds to the expectations of overseas Chinese students and their parents. The Overseas Youth Vocational Training Program entrusted to MCU by the Overseas Community Affairs Council was established in 2005 (the 24th session). Up through the 32nd session, we have already had 933 alumni. In accordance with the distribution results of the 34th session announced by Overseas Community Affairs Council, more than 500 students in all had applied to MCU Overseas Youth Vocational Training Program, which is the top among all institutions in Taiwan.

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