【910Enews】March 11 Scholarship Application Deadline

Students are invited to apply for 2nd Semester 2014-15 scholarships beginning February 26, with the deadline of March 11. Please apply online through Student Information System. Aside from on-campus scholarships, there are also many off-campus scholarships for which students may apply; please check the bulletin board or website of Student Affairs Division. Those who apply for Scholarships for Students in Financial Need must submit Low Income Household Proof and Household Certificate Transcript to Student Advising Section on Taipei Campus or Taoyuan Student Affairs Section for processing. There are two kinds of Scholarships for International Students: Southeast Asia Students scholarship (On-line application from March 2 to 11); International Students scholarship (On-line application from March 2 to 27). Please contact Ms. Daphne at Ext.3703 for any questions.

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