【908Enews】Exchange Student Program & MCUMI Summer Camp Tour Launched!

by Yi Ting Tso In order to promote international education and encourage students to explore their international horizons, MCU actively selects outstanding students and provides them with overseas study abroad program opportunities through collaboration with MCU sister schools. Nicole Durler, an international student of International Affairs and Diplomacy Program of International College from El Salvador, participated in the study abroad program at University of Strasbourg in France in 2014. During her stay at University of Strasbourg, she provided assistance in preparing Taiwan week event and set up a Ming Chuan University booth to promote that Ming Chuan is the first U.S. accredited university in Asia. This event made our MCU flag wave proudly in Europe. If you want to learn more about overseas study abroad opportunities provided by MCU’S international sister schools in the U.S., Korea and Europe for 2015-2016, please head to http://iee.mcu.edu.tw/ for more information. Do fulfill your dream of studying abroad! Come visit us! Furthermore, University Extension Division is hosting 2015 MCUMI Summer Camp Tour, which is expected to run from July 12 through August 7, 2015. Starting from today, you can register for your spot online at http://goo.gl/15mHjx. This is a wonderful opportunity; act now before it is too late. During 2015 MCUMI Summer camp tour, all the participating students will live in campus dormitories to experience the learning environment on US campuses. For the first three weeks, students will take American Culture and Social Networking courses, which account for 72 class hours. Students who successfully complete the two courses will get four credits in the form of the certificate of credit completion approved by Ming Chuan University. The certificate of credit completion then can be used to offset General Education credits. Besides, the Summer Camp also includes an American Culture Trip. Students will visit many famous sites and scenery in the eastern U.S. If you want to learn more about the Summer Camp, please Contact Ms. Cheng, Chia-Hua of Ming Chuan University Extension Division on Taoyuan campus or Mr. Su of Ming Chuan University Extension Division in Jihe complex. Or, please head to http://extension1.mcu.edu.tw for more information.

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