【908Enews】IC Scores in First-round Choral Competitions

by Chih-Yu Shih In last week’s first-round Freshmen Choral Competition, Taipei IC took first place, while Taoyuan IC got third place. So, both International College choirs get the opportunity to participate in the final round of competition. This year, Taipei IC chose “Pompeii” as their selected song; with clear voices and catchy rhythm, they created a very energetic and happy atmosphere which earned them favor with the judges. Meanwhile, Taoyuan IC chose “Just give me a reason,” which included a very graceful solo. What made the audience crazy about their performance was B-box added in the last part of the song. Eva Ching, JMC1 student, noted that they had many problems in practice; therefore, they often worried that they couldn’t give the best performance. But the big and very warm applause, she thought, was the best return on their efforts. They felt very surprised about the prize, but they will keep practicing hard and make their performance perfect. We wish all Freshmen Choirs the best in the final round!

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