【908Enews】Apply for MOST research project; you may receive NTD6000 per month

by Sandra Chen Do you know the number of approved Ministry of Science and Technology Students Project Subsidy cases at MCU is second only to National Taiwan University nationwide? Now here is your opportunity to become one of the outstanding students. Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) Student Projects are now open for application. Interested students, please apply for an account on MOST website, discuss the application matters with your advisor and upload relevant documentations before February 5. To encourage students to participate, Promoting Teaching Excellence Program Office held project workshops on 11/28 and 12/5, and uploaded handouts on the their website under MOST Students Project for students to download: http://www.tec.mcu.edu.tw/zh-hant/node/1785 (in Chinese only). Five experienced professors, including Dr. Yeh, Jeng-Sheng of Computer and Communication Engineering Department, Dr. Ju, Chun-Lin of Counseling and Industrial/Organizational Psychology Department, Dr. Tang, Hui-wen of Applied English Department, Dr. Lai, Yu-Chai of Journalism Department and Dr. Juan,Wei-Chao of Product Design Department were invited to share project drafting skills and application guidelines in the workshops and pointed out the blind spots many encounter when drafting projects. In accordance with MOST announcements, 2nd-year undergraduate students and above who have professors to be their advisors are eligible to apply for projects. Once a project is approved, the student who proposed it will receive a 6,000NTD monthly subsidy with a total of 48,000NTD over 8 months. Please contact Ms. Chang, Yen-Chen (ext. 2651) of Research and Development Division or Ms. Shen, Ching-Ching (ext.2546) of Promoting Teaching Excellence Program Office if you have any questions.

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