【904Enews】MCU-MI Offers TCFL and new NMAC Programs in 2015

by Yi-Ting Tso Ming Chuan University Michigan Location first started recruiting students in 2014. For 2015, MCUMI will add another master’s program, New Media and Applied Communication (NMAC), to its current offering, master’s in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL). This diversifies learning options at MCU-MI. These two twinning academic programs are offered as a collaboration between MCU and Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU). Furthermore, if you are a registered MCU student or an MCU alumni and you meet certain qualifications to enroll in one of these MCU/SVSU twinned master’s programs at MCUMI, you can receive a sizeable discount and pay only USD$530 per credit (If you don’t meet the requirements, you pay USD$990 per credit). Dr. Lee, Lan-Yu, Deputy Director of International Education and Exchange Division and Associate Dean of International College, states that students who are considering to apply for the MCUMI academic programs could start improving their English abilities in Taiwan and take English advancement courses at MCU or through TOFEL or IELTS-related programs. After arriving in the U.S., if a student is still not qualified for admission due to low English proficiency, a Conditional Offer from MCU would be provided and then the student would participate in MCU English program or an English program offered by SVSU. If the TOFEL or IELTS requirement is met within a year, the student will be officially enrolled in the selected program. Furthermore, MCU-MI will open an English-instructed prerequisite course in Taiwan for the new masters’ twinning program: Digital Art and Aesthetics. We welcome all students to take this elective course and experience some of what it will be like to study in America. According to the curriculum framework, the TCFL program requires 36 credits, of which 17 are offered by MCU and 19 credits by SVSU; NMAC program requires 33 credits, of which 15 credit are offered by MCU and 18 credits by SVSU. Dr. Lee points out that those MCU students whose field of study is not closely related to the two programs offered at MCUMI can still enjoy the tuition discount benefit by applying other SVSU programs through the MCU registration process. Ming Chuan University Michigan Location is located on the SVSU campus in Bay City, and MBS International Airport is only a 15-minute drive from the campus. Students at MCU-MI can enjoy all the resources provided by SVSU including: recreation center, library, swimming pool and other facilities as well as restaurants in Doan’s Center such as Albert E’s food court and other dining services. Lastly, MCU-MI also provides a new garden-like dormitory called Pine Grove for student housing.

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