【904Enews】Don’t Miss Freshmen Choral Competition

First Round Taipei Campus 12/17(Wed) 18:00 SunYatSen Auditorium Taoyuan Campus 12/20(Sat) 12:00 First Gymnasium Final Round 12/26(Fri) 18:00 Taoyuan campus First Gymnasium by Chih-Yu Shih Have you heard some amazing voices on campus these days? Those voices come from every department; they are preparing for the Freshmen Choral Competition. This year, the Freshman Choral event is hosted by the MCU Student Council and Student Government Association. The first-round on Taipei campus is on 12/17 (Wednesday) beginning at 1800 in SunYatSen Auditorium, and Taoyuan campus on 12/20 (Saturday) starting from 1200. The Freshmen Choral Competition comprises two songs, the first is MCU’s alma mater, and the other is selected by each department’s choir. From the first round, Taipei campus will choose the top three and Taoyuan campus will choose top nine to join the final championship on Taoyuan campus, to take place on Friday 12/26. This year, there are 42 IC freshmen choir members on Taipei campus. They spend practice hard many days a week. Emma, the coordinator of this IC choir, said they will rock the stage again! Frances Cheng, first-year student in JMC, said that she is really excited about this competition. The first reason is because this is the first time she is singing with her classmates from different countries, which bring her many special memories, and the second reason is that they are really putting a lot of effort into it, so she is looking forward to the results. They will do their best that day, so don’t forget to cheer your friends on 12/17.

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