【904Enews】Taipei MRT new line opens to public

Point picture will enlarge by Sandra Chen Good news for travelers who like to travel in Taipei by MRT. The long-awaited MRT Songshan-Xindian Line (Route No. 3 green) was inaugurated on Nov 15. Travelers can get to Raohe Street Night Market, or the Taipei Arena, from around other areas in Taipei easier than before. Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) is providing one-month-long fare discount promotions from November 15 through December 14. Six new stations are open for use this time, including Songshan, Nanjing Sanmin, Taipei Arena, Nanjing Fuxing, Songjiang Nanjing and Beimen station. Meanwhile, the name of Nanking East Road Station has also been changed to Nanjing Fuxing Station. There are 6 transit stations on Route No. 3, which connect to other MRT routes and provide easy access for passengers to get to even more areas of Taipei. Jessica, who has already taken Route No. 3, comments, “The opening of all MRT routes has made transportation in Taipei more convenient. As all MRT lines have their designated platforms now, passengers transferring from one line to another will not be confused about which train arrives at which platform. Now it only takes her 15 minutes to get from Raohe Street Night Market to Ximending. Meanwhile, Jessica strongly recommends the YouBike service provided outside of MRT stations. She thinks riding a bicycle to travel around a city allows travelers to experience the charm of the city at a relatively slow pace, and is a new life and travel experience. The new service makes it easier for passengers to get to the commercial area from other parts of town and allows for easier connections while navigating the city’s subway system. Passengers who normally take the Bannan Line (connecting Banqiao and Nangang) to get to Xinyi District, for example, will now be able to transfer to the Xinyi Line at Taipei Main Station and end up with a shorter walk to Taipei 101 and Warner Village. What are you waiting for? Bring your Easy Card to experience the new transportation routes in Taipei.

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