【901Enews】MCU Literary and Arts Awards Season Launched

by Yi-Ting Tso The awards in the 26th MCU Literary and Arts Awards include: fiction and prose categories (cotemporary prose, English prose and topic literature); poetry category (contemporary poems, English poems and classic poems); photography/film category (campus photography, freelance photography and short films). MCU Literary and Arts Awards is the grandest literary competition with the most participants and the largest award amounts among all university events. The official website of MCU Literary and Arts Awards is now live and running. Please head to the website for more details regarding each category of the competition, it is time to your literary colors. In order to encourage more students to participate in the short film competition, the first place prize for this year’s short film category has been increased to 30000NTD which is the largest award amounts in MCU Literary and Arts Awards history. If you have passion to tell stories through films, do not miss this wonderful opportunity. Furthermore, there is no specific topic required for the English prose and English poetry competition; you can be as creative as you can. Also, the photography category includes both campus culture and creative free-style divisions. For campus culture, any kind of photos taken on a MCU campus qualify, while the creative free-style division accepts any great unretouched photos that you want to share. Each needs to be printed out as a 4×6 print and students are limited to five submissions in each photography division. What are you waiting for? It is a great chance for you to grab the grand prize and show your talents. Only the sky is the limit! For more details, you can refer to the 26th Literary and Arts Awards page on Facebook and don’t forget to submit your works before Jan 27, 2015.

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