【901Enews】Library Learning Area open for use

by Sandra Chen Who says a library is only for reading quietly? To address the new learning trend, Taoyuan Library specially established a “Learning Area,” introducing the noise separation design highly valued in contemporary libraries. The area is equipped with new cozy furniture and large touch screen and digital smart board software to provide a space for discussion. This area is open for use from Oct. 27; all students are welcome. “Learning Area” was proposed and launched by the Dean of Libraries and the librarians, and designed by the Architecture Department Chair, Dr. Jeanne Lee, based on the design concepts of “sharing, inspiration, innovation.” There are 18 group discussion areas in the Learning Area. The Library incorporated noise insulation to separate library spaces into low-volume discussion area, ordinary reading area, and absolute quiet area to provide a quiet reading environment to other readers. Please check relevant signs when entering the Library and comply with the noise restriction policies in different areas to protect the rights of others and yourself. Due to space restrictions, currently, there is no plan for a similar Learning Area in Taipei Library.

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