【901Enews】President Lee Promotes Taiwan Higher Education in L.A.

by Florrie Lin President Lee co-hosted the opening ceremony of the 3rd Taiwan Education Fair held in Los Angeles by the Taiwan Education Center in the U.S. The Center was established by Ming Chuan University on behalf of the Taiwan Ministry of Education. His co-host on this occasion was the Director of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in L.A., Steve C.C. Hsia. As president of the host university for the Taiwan Education Center in the U.S., President Lee vigorously promoted Taiwan higher education by hosting a joint press conference in the Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles and giving media interviews on Oct 16. Moreover, President Lee spoke on the advantages of Taiwan higher education as a speaker representing the Taiwan Education Group in the “2014 Southern California-Taiwan Higher Education Forum” on Oct 17 held by UC Irvine Faculty Club. The purpose of the Fair was to promote second- and third-generation overseas Chinese in the U.S. to consider Taiwan higher education as their best choice for further study. MCU Alumni Association of Southern California warmly welcomed MCU faculty members and assisted in the affairs related to The 3rd Taiwan Education Fair, which totally expresses the enthusiasm and school spirit of the MC Family. In order to enhance the promotion of MCU’s international higher education collaborations and exchange programs, President Lee met with faculty members and students of the first cohort in the Master’s Program in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language at the MCU-MI location to understand their learning status. The second purpose of President Lee’s trip to Michigan was to join in commemorating the excellent contributions of former President Eric R. Gilbertson of SVSU. To honor him, the Education Building at SVSU was renamed after him. President Lee was invited to give a speech during the ceremony to express congratulations to Dr. Gilbertson, an outstanding educator who was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Management Degree by the School of Management at Ming Chuan University in 2013. Fellow honorary MCU alumni, In-Soo Lee, president of the University of Suwon, in Korea, and his wife also visited SVSU and MCU MI to express their congratulations.

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